• The Neo-Magic® Neonatal line of vascular access devices and accessories are designed specifically for neonatal patients. At Neo Medical, we value input from clinicians and focus our efforts on creating specialized products that address the unique challenges of caring for this patient population.

    Neonatal Vascular

  • Our Neo-Magic® Pediatric vascular access range of products were designed specifically with children in mind. Neo Medical does not believe in the philosophy of one size fits all.

    Pediatric Vascular

  • Midline and Extended Dwell PIV catheters are designed for patients who require repeated venous access with infusion or injection therapy for up to 29 days. The PowerStick® brand is rated at 300psi.

    Midlines and Extended Dwell PIV Catheters

  • Our Adult Vascular products feature the latest sharps safety technologies and are available in standard as well as high pressure rated products.

    Adult Vascular

  • Neuro Trace® continues to set the gold standard in Regional Block Insulated Needles. These unique needles are available in three distinct configurations with a wide variety sizes. The integrated lead allows for connection to most standard Nerve Locators.

    Regional Blockade Anesthesia

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