Basic kit mst 40cm
  • Basic kit mst 40cm
  • 1958 004
  • 1943 1640

1.9Fr x 25cm Single Lumen PICC with Stylet, 30ga Modified Seldinger Introducer, Basic Components

This kit contains three separately pouched items: The Neo-Magic 1.9Fr x 25cm Single Lumen PICC with preloaded flushable stylet; Neo-Magic 1.9/2.0Fr Modified Seldinger Technique 30ga MST Introducer Kit; and the Neo-Magic Basic Components kit containing a catheter cutter, padded forceps, silicone neonatal tourniquet, measuring tape, and 15" x 15" sterile field. The three items are packaged together in a convenient kit. Five kits are supplied per case.

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