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Pediatric Vascular

Our Neo-Magic® Pediatric vascular access range of products were designed specifically with children in mind. Neo Medical does not believe in the philosophy of one size fits all. We value input from clinicians and focus our efforts on creating specialized products that address the unique challenges of caring for this patient population.

Pediatric Central Catheters

Our Neo-Magic® Pediatric product-line, uses the latest manufacturing techniques, combined with proven materials of silicone and polyurethanes, our designs all for maximizing therapy delivery with optimum catheter size. Created with patient safety in mind, our catheters feature reversed taper designs with reduced transitions. All catheter hubs are compatible with current securement devices. Neo-Magic Pediatric Vascular Products offer the most comprehesive selection available for providing care to your patients. Our pediatric product-line includes size appropriate peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs) available in 2.5Fr, 3.0Fr, and 3.5Fr single lumen & 3.5Fr & 3.9Fr dual lumen sizes.

Introducer Options

Access is the key to successful catheter placement. Neo Medical offers the most comprehensive line of introducers available in the market, including the advanced 30ga Mini MST for 2.5fr & 3.0Fr catheters.

Midlines & Extended Dwell PIVs (E-PIV™)

With only one venipuncture, a midline catheter (8.0 cm - 20cm) can meet the infusion therapy needs of patients requiring more than five days of intravenous (IV) therapy. A midline catheter is an effective and improved method of Pediatric intravenous access over PIV and PICC catheters." Allowed for use up to 29 days. Independent evidence-based publications support the use of the Neo-Magic E-PIV™ as improving the outcomes of many therapies where a PICC line is not necessary. Request your copy of these publications.

Accessories & Kits

The Neo-Magic® line of products are available with complementary accessories and in a variety of product combinations and kits.

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